Unified Communications

Make your telephony as flexible and reliable as your data.

Unified Communications
Make your telephony as flexible and reliable as your data.

The infrastructure you use for data already delivers big benefits. It’s easy to monitor and audit, fast to scale, and offers unparalleled flexibility. That’s why more and more organisations are moving to IP telephony, using their data infrastructures to support calling.

With Unified Communications from Lanware, you can eliminate the need for an analogue phone network alongside your digital data, bringing all your communication into one system. It’s easier to maintain governance and compliance, you can add new lines in an instant, and users can connect from anywhere.

All while reducing your spend and the frustrations of management.

Bringing data and telephony together

Unified Communications eliminates the need for traditional PBX systems and all the inflexibility they bring. Instead, your telephony works through a single data network.

So you can:

  • Work flexibly using software-based management to route calls freely
  • Connect everyone to the same phone system, regardless of geographic location
    Scale instantly without waiting for analogue lines to be connected
  • Reduce your costs by focusing management and security on a single unified infrastructure

Telephony for FCA-regulated clients

Unified Communications is ideal for the financial services sector and the complex demands of compliance.

With IP telephony, it’s easier to collect accurate data on every call that is made, tying usage to individual users and recording calls with crystal-clear quality. What’s more, the digital security that’s already in place for your data infrastructure will now defend your call data, too.

Finally, a secure portal makes it easy to retrieve and play back recorded calls.

So you can focus on calling, without the stress of compliance.

Our services

Our 4 pillars for a complete choice of outsourced IT services - all tailored to the needs of the financial services sector.

Finance Forward 365

Microsoft modern workplace & cloud technology for digital transformation.

Compliant Teams

Increased productivity & collaboration with call recording whilst reducing costs.

Cyber Security

Keep your data secured against rapidly changing threats within Financial Services.

Personal Service

A responsive, high-touch service desk tailored to the needs of financial services.

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